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Thu Sep 10 2020

Case Study: Laundrysaurus


I couple of months ago I heard about an app-based laundry service in a big American city and thought it was a really cool idea. I particularly liked it because the value proposition was so simple; get your laundry picked up, washed, dried and dropped off. I really like businesses based on simple propositions where one can succeed by executing the technical side of things extremely well. It seemed like a possible opportunity so I had to figure out if there was anything in it!

Week One

I spent an hour researching the problem but I decided to stop there as it can sometimes be discouraging and distracting to see what's already out there. I'd rather start from a fairly blank canvas and explore the problem for myself. I also talked to some friends to see what the general receptivity to the idea is.

Week two

I just started building it in my spare time...

Week three

Still building it...

Week four

Almost done...

Week five

Awesome! I now have a fully functional web app and iOS and Android apps. However it usually takes a week or so of bureaucracy and setting up various things to get the apps humming along as well as setting up things like push notifications.

Week six

Still waiting for app store approvals...

Week seven

I now have a simple starter platform consisting of one website and two mobile apps ready for testing... Test One will consist of me using the app for myself as a customer, and doing the laundry pretending to be the service.

Week eight

My job this week is to find 5-10 people who are willing to be a test user group. I need to use a test user group in order to actually figure out what the hell I'm doing before I try to actually sell this to someone.

To be continued...

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