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Rikus started Zeltta in March 2020 out of a passion for building apps and a desire to help projects that could make a positive impact on society.

Why we exist

The crazy few who think they can change the world are the ones that always do. Our purpose is to find more of these crazy few and help them succeed!

Our mission

Our mission is to make people feel that anything is possible and to be the ideal companions for their scary quest to bring something new to the world.

Our Values


We accept responsibility for our circumstances and find ways to create the changes we want. Every little win builds our confidence in what is possible for us.

“We shall either find a way or make one”


We understand that the value of any product or service is in the accumulated knowledge it embodies. We succeed by learning the most important lessons as fast as possible.

“Don’t do what makes you happy do what makes you excited.”


We believe that speed and mastery come from autonomy and passion; unleashed by trust and alignment of goals & rewards, not rules, micro-management, procedures & hierarchy.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It’s the most adaptive to change.”


We believe the best opportunities and ideas are opposite to conventional wisdom but correct due to hidden characteristics. We look out for hidden truths and resist being told what to think.

“The winner is the one who turns over the most stones”

“Don’t just play the game, beat the game; If you can't win, change the rules. If you can't change the rules, ignore them.”

What do we want?

We desire to do better, create better, and explore better. Not out of competition but out of a desire to expand our own potential, because when we make great things, it benefits everyone.

What are we like?

We are 60% explorers and 40% outlaws. We are rebels with a conscience. We are drawn to chaos but not for its own sake, rather we pursue improvement and change regardless of traditional systems or pathways. You will find us searching for new opportunities wherever horizons can be found. The first thing people notice about us is our earnest conviction that things can and will be better. Our ambition and curiosity keep us light on our feet and flexible to change. While our ambition keeps us moving forward, we are grounded by deep values of humility, resilience, honesty, and hard work.

People tend to come away inspired after meeting us - as if they caught a glimpse of a better future. They feel a little braver, more curious and hopeful about possibilities than before.

Our customers

We adore our customers. They are ordinary people who decide to do extraordinary things; they heard people asking for change and decided to do something about it.

  • They are setting off on an adventure, that is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.
  • Their biggest obstacle is their doubt about what is possible for them.
  • They are not in business to make a living but to make their life worth living. They are here to do what needs to be done, to serve, make an impact, and leave a legacy.
  • They are often leaders in the community and in their organizations. They have often been in their field for several decades and have a deep understanding of how to improve things.
  • All they lack skill-wise is the product development side of things, they understand who their customers are, know many of them already, have a vision for the product or service that needs to be developed but don't know how to fully deliver it.

Where we do best

We make the biggest impact with people seeking a mix of artistic flair and technical mastery. People just seeking a "professional service" to build something fairly conventional will be politely referred to a competitor.

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