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I work with rebels and dreamers to build radical digital-first products and services


Origin story

I believe that passionate individuals and small groups of people can push humanity forward by confronting difficult obstacles in the way to a better world. That's why I mostly work with people who I believe are solving meaningful problems. I started Zeltta while in quarantine in March 2020. I quit my job to go travel but then COVID-19 happened!


I value ambition, work ethic that backs it up, transparency, and unconventional thinking. My process is:
1. Meet up to clarify your objectives and needs
2. Come up with a rough design
3. Build a working prototype as soon as possible
4. Evolve the prototype fast, based on real-life feedback


I try to keep these narrow to ensure I can go deep and provide a top 1% capability to my clients.
- Custom web application development
- Custom mobile app development
- Custom software automations and data integrations

Skills & Technologies

I am an expert in Digital Product Management, UI/UX Design, Web Graphic Design, Software Architecture, React.js, Next.js, React Native, Redux, Sass/CSS Frameworks - Tailwinds & Bootstrap, Javascript, Typescript, Express.js, GraphQL, Node.js, Azure, AWS, API Development, Git, Websockets/Socket.io, Testing with Jest/Enzyme/Cypress, Postgres databases, MongoDB databases.

Zeltta logo image