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Case study: Kaivolution

How it all began

I initially built a simple ordering app for Go Eco's bicycle delivery project. They were happy with the result and asked me to come in for a chat to discuss ways of streamlining the data requirements of their food rescue service.

The food rescue service takes edible food that is about to be discarded from supermarkets and bakeries and distributes it for free to community groups that give it to the needy. We decided to go ahead with an app that would streamline the tracking of their food pickups and deliveries - this would free up their time and help them report their impact when applying for funding.

The goals of the project

We discovered 3 areas of focus

  1. Recording the types and quantities of food at each pickup
  2. Recording the types and quantities of food at each delivery
  3. Reporting the overall impact of the operation in a visual way

What happened

I initially went along with Simon from Go Eco on a couple of food rescue trips to understand the nature of the operation firsthand.

Afterward, I sketched out a rough UX and UI design for the application on Adobe Illustrator. Some examples from the document are shown below.


I was able to reuse a lot of code written previously for other projects, so the total development time was only a few days 🎉 The software stack I used was:


Typescript HTML & CSS

Front-end frameworks

React (Next.js) Bootstrap and Sass Redux

Back-end frameworks

Socket.io Node.js and the Express Library Prisma ORM



Final Product

I was very pleased with the final product and I'm also super happy that the team from Go Eco received it quite well!

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