How we work

Step 1 - Get in touch

We'll need to get a little more information about your project before we can give you an accurate quote, so please contact us and we'll make an appointment for a call or face-to-face meeting.

Step 2 - Call or face to face meeting

We'll discuss your project, and explain what we can do for you. We'll also ask you a number of questions about your goals for your product or service and discuss how to use digital technology to create the types of features you'll need.

Step 3 - Quote

After the meeting is over, we'll create a quote and email it to you for review. The quote will contain

  • A detailed breakdown of the costs involved in developing, building, and launching your product or service

  • A detailed timeline for development and delivery of the product or service

  • The team we'll use to build and launch your product or service

  • The features included in the product or service

  • The regular monthly costs for hosting, support, and maintenance of the product or service

Step 4 - Sign contract

When you're happy with the quote, we'll sign a contract and start work on your product or service.

Step 5 - Strategy & requirements

We'll take some time to think about the strategy and requirements for the product or service. This might include a content audit of your existing website, a review of the competitive landscape, or research into the best ways to meet your goals for the product or service.

Step 6 - Solution architecture

We'll create a solution architecture and tech stack for the product or service. This will include making decisions about the architecture of the service, and the technologies we'll use to build it. We'll also need to make decisions about the design of the product so that it meets your goals for the product or service.

Step 7 - User interface design

We'll begin work on the user interface design for the product or service. We'll work with you to agree on the user flow, layout, and structure of the product or service before we begin work on the visual design of it.

Step 8 - Development begins!

We'll start building the product or service. We'll produce regular updates and send them to you, so you can see how we're progressing.

Step 9 - Launch or test

When we're ready to launch the product or service, we'll work with you to plan the launch schedule and identify the goals for the launch, before we start working on the rollout.