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Top technical skills I learned in 2020

My main goal in 2020 was to become a master at custom full-stack web and mobile applications. Picking up these skills below had the biggest impact on my performance:

🛠 Typescript Programming Language

Typescript is just Javascript with super helpful additions that help you catch a plethora of common bugs and typos that are easy to make when writing code. It cuts down development time and adds an extra layer of structure, and reliability to any code.

🧶 GraphQL APIs and Graph Databases

GraphQL is a very opinionated API specification that emphasises a highly structured and consistent way of dealing with data and algorithms. It takes a fair bit to wrap your head around and there is a lot of up-front effort before you start to get rewards. But once it's set up, it does so much heavy lifting for you that it saves enormous amounts of time in the long run.

⛵️ TailwindCSS Styling Framework

By far the best way to style a website that I have ever come across.

Technical skills I want to learn in 2021

My long term goal is just to keep getting better and better at building digital-first products and services. To pursue that goal in 2021, I want to learn the following:

📦 Docker / Kubernetes

To build really big apps with high performance, I need to get good at splitting them up and hosting them in separate little bits called containers. Not terribly excited about this but it's necessary!

🤖 Physical Computing & Simple Electronics

At the moment I build custom web and mobile applications. In 2021 I really want to add the ability to build custom IoT (Internet of things) devices too. There are so many cool products that can be made using small computers and simple robotics.

⛓ Building Etherium & Blockchain-Based Applications

I firmly believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will eventually surpass the ease of use and popularity of traditional fiat currencies. I'm very excited about the potential of Etherium (the second most popular one), especially for everyday transactions and I want to learn more!

⚙️ Rust Programming Language

Rust is apparently the best thing to happen to high-performance computing environments in decades. If I get somewhere on my quest to learn physical computing, I'll definitely be giving it a go!

🧱 3D design & Additive Manufacturing

I want to get a basic 3D printer and start making cool things. By 2022 - 2023 I want to start being able to develop genuinely useful hardware-first products.


I probably won't get to cover all five of these goals! There is always a tradeoff between what I want to learn and what's going to have a real financial impact. But I'll try my best!

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